Lisa Kalinski


 I began this journey as a tour bus driver 30 years ago. Earning my class 4 in 1990, then upgrading to my class 2 on my 21st birthday. I loved the thrill of driving  anything on wheels and the bigger the better!  There is something rewarding in mastering that next level of skill and professional license. Over the years, I drove limo’s, school buses, tour buses and motorcycles. I even spent significant time learning to drive semi truck just for the fun of it. I currently hold class 2,4,5,6 w/ air brake endorsement as well as my instructors license.

In 1992, I started teaching  for a few years then moved into the role of Driver Examiner for a decade before taking a hiatus from the driving business altogether and pursuing other interests. Over the years I often helped  friends’ kids prepare close to road test time but I really got the teaching bug back when I taught my own son Tanner to drive.

 (pictured right) 

I then started teaching part-time again and realized how much I really still enjoyed it.

Through my interactions came very positive feedback from students and parents, which at that point the fork in my road became clear and Roundabout Driving School was established. 

I look forward to serving your family and friends.

Thank you for your trust.