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Roundabout Driving School

I help drivers at every stage and experience level master their skills. My finely tuned communication skills along with diagrams & visual aids provides in depth training full of positive feedback. My goal is for you to be confident, educated and proactive operators of your car.  At Roundabout Driving School, we work with New Drivers, Out of Area and Previously Licensed Drivers as well as Seniors in our community. We care about our whole road family and encourage everyone to keep their skills fresh and current. Give a gift of safety to those you care about.

What you can expect

Driving throws many unexpected surprises at us, and especially when you are new and inexperienced. As drivers we can’t always predict every situation, but we can develop good habits and learn to mitigate the risks. 

With my coaching sessions, you can expect my dedication to your success. You will learn about prediction, preparation, how to identify typical driving hazards and how to reduce space conflicts with other road users.  Not to mention, we are pretty awesome at Roundabouts too!

Let's get you ready to drive.